Artistic Digital Mood Board

Artistic Digital Mood Board – Team Building Digital Art Feed – Virtual Activity to engage remote employees – Telecommuting Entertainment – On Line aNa’s Mural – Kick Off Event

Please! Just Follow the Instructions.

NOW. Be part of a social Digital Remote Art Creation brought to you by aNa Artist.

– Telecommuting, COVID Social Distancing, Digital Art, Virtual Art, Tech Art… –

mosaique digitale

Team Building Digital Art Feed

Telecommuting Entertainment.

aNa offers here a digital easy protocole to feed a VIRTUAL Mood Board. You can reach it 24/24 7/7 from everywhere in the world.

She invites you to make your own choices. So it gives her the instructions to build a digital artwork respecting your ideas.

What a great Remote Collaborative Project.

By adding all folks messages, she creates a Monumental Virtual On Line Mural.

Then, it can be printed on canvas, plexiglass, T-shirts, as a wall paper,… to become a real Artwork.

The artistic Digital Mood Board can also be done especially for your own team (including your logo) or family (including your name). 

Any question or request :

Please follow aNa's Artistics Instructions

Start - What is your state of mind?

Each following blue tile hides an original design by aNa.

Please Choose your favorite.

Clic to zoom.

Make sense!

One word can mean a lot. 

ART goes the same way. One picture can mean different things in a different orientation.

So now pick your own direction.

It goes with a code you have to remember. (1a, 1b,…)

Skip on the images to read the codes.

Just one Word!


Please feel comfortable to explain your choice in a really short expression or in one word. As a symbol…

30 characters max.

aNa artiste pose derrière un Hashtag lumineux blanc pour présenter son service de puzzle décoratif qui aide à développer son business avec instagram


Now fill out the form bellow.

Clic on SEND.

So aNa will be able to feed the common’s Artistic Digital Mood Board.

We will stay in touch with you and you will receive all information and news about the construction…

…And a final picture as a Gift.

Please choose a word or a short sentence to express your feeling. (30 characters max)
aNa - Room 50 - Street Art City - Hotel 128 - France

Super COOL!

My Art Box Team and aNa Thank you a lot Guys.

Please take care!!!

And keep your distances!

If you want to request that artistic experiment for our Team, Company, Community, Family, … please just let us know.

We can bring you a personal solution.