Mural Team Building – New York City (SHE for She)

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Mural Team Building New York : the same mural quality service all around the world

This SHE for She – Mural Team Building New York explains how it’s possible for aNa and My Art Box, to easily travel with tools and frame.

aNa’s Plexiglass Tube can fit in a luggage. So it makes it possible to be managed in any place at any time.


A special artiste to release your mind

aNa is a different artist. She doesn’t work that much in here French Workshop. She prefers to create with people. She travels to meet and share with any kind of public.

From 1999, she developed a personal way to create from ideas and colored forms created by teams. She woks into wild live sessions. She already provided Mural Team Building NewYork, Switzerland, Portugal, and Soudan. But she also meets with a hundred groups in France by a year.


No limit to creativity

This mural proposition is not only a design artwork. Our creative’s protocol makes you able to express ideas and feelings. You just have to cut silhouettes with scissors. You either can choose abstracts forms or draw things or people and situation. Lots of persons give us heart, the sun, sea… for examples.

You are totally free to stick anything you wish. Anywhere on top of aNa’s Huge Tube.


Collective intelligence power

You can already be glade about what you can be doing alone by yourself working with aNa and her artistic collaboration.

But you can’t even imagine what you could be creating by working as brainstorming with friends, family, or colleagues. When you add lots of ideas and stickers, it gives you even more. Your becoming more and more creatives.


How does it work?

First thing is to give an appointment to aNa and her team. My Art Box will bring every thing they need to build and manage this artistic team building.

Secondly, My Art Box Build a Huge Tube. You can choose your own seizes to fit perfectly on your wall after this party time.

We need about an hour to be ready. After that, we give a short briefing. It is recommended to imagine a common theme like : « imagine your own futur », or « what gives forces to our company or brand »…

Then, you start. The average timing for such a Cultural Team Building is 2 hours. You usually need a 30 minute to warm up. Then you’re more and more creative for one hour. And we need 30 more minutes to give a fantastic ending.


What a revealing!

Most important part of that, is to organise a special revealing. We need everybody in front of aNa’s Huge Tube. Then we open it, to show this collaborative art work to anybody at the same time.

Reactions are crazy. Nobody’s able to figure what’s going on into aNa’s art frame during her action.

So, both general and individuals feelings are greats. Make you feel important en proud of you and your bodies.

Then you can expose your peace of art as in a gallery. To show any visitors what a great team can do by working all together… within a smart artistic protocol.


Thanks to aNa!

If you need to reach her about your own Mural Team Building New York, please check out these contact part.

You also can reach directly Christophe Chazot by 0033 615 73 30 67


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